Thursday, June 10, 2010

Armored Core : Weathered Paint Effect on Head [Mirage AC01-GAEA]

Hi guys, here's a custom paint of my Armored Core Mirage AC01-GAEA head, H-11 Queen. The picture on the left is the original scheme.

The effect I want to achieve is a weathered paint look, which means dull paint and exposed metal under the scrappy paintwork. I started off by coating all the parts with Flat Black. It served as a primer as well as the darker tone base for dry-brushing.Additionally, I painted Black Green over the areas that were supposed to be blue. That would give a military feel to it.

Once the base coat is dried, I dry-brushed the weathered effect. The colors used are Flat Aluminum and Copper.

And here it is, the weathered effect in its full glory! Click on the images for larger size.

Can you spot that cracked lens effect on the helmet? Yeah? It was totally unintentional. The fogging of the model kit glue made it so. I thought it looked matching to the weather effect.

I thought I did a fine paint job at the back of the helmet. The head was miserably small to work with.

So, yeah, that's about it. Check out my other post on the legs, arms, core and the weapons. If you can't find, it means I have not write it. Ha~

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