What blog again?

Mecha Alive is a blog for plastic kit modeling and stuff. Typical. Except we are talking about Mecha model kits here. Yes, typical again, just like the other 10,000 mecha modeling blogs...

I will talk about my various painting techniques used on the mechas, basically just sharing some fotos with you guys and gals.

There's also a comic blog, hand drawn by me, talking about the stuff going around me. I thought it would be interesting, so give it a look.

So why blog?
Some backgrounds talk here. My first contact with mecha kit was a Gundam RX-78 when I was 7 or 8 years old. And that was 23 years ago! I didn't do much to it, just banging it to the wall and submerging it in bathtub. You know, like how kids usually would play with toys.

Then along the way, I built some Gundams (like only 3?), with paint and everything. And that was it. I was out of the hobby and moved on to other cooler stuff.

So that's enough history and back to present now... Just a month ago, I got a friend who lamented about how he bought a really cool-looking mecha in Japan. But alas! It was a pre-assembled model kit and not painted as well. Totally not what he thought it to be, a fully painted toy, with some nice weathering effect here and there.

That sparked an idea and I told him I can fix his model up for free. The only catch is that I will experimenting some painting technique which I never tried before, the dry-brushing technique. So, there's a high chance that it will be ruined completely. He agreed and handed over his Armored Core Mirage AC-01 GAEA.

Just some nights ago, I have finished building his mecha. Since the mecha will be return to its rightful owner, I decided to create a blog for memories' sake. And this is the blog.

- Red Shogun King (16 June 2010)