Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keroro Gunsou : Geroro Rounin Part 1

I got distracted along the way and found myself in the world of Keroro Gunsou or Gunso, whichever you prefer to call it. So, why's Keroro doing here in a mecha blog? Apparently, there are mechas created used by Keroro and his platoon in the series.

So, I managed to find myself a few Keroro mecha kits (okay, just 2 only) but I'm not touching them yet. They are not really complicated and in fact, quite simple to build. It's the paint job that's killing me~

Until! This guy started waving at me~ Hellooo, Geroro Rounin from the Japanese War Period series. Okay, he's not a mecha. BUT, that series got bi-pedaled mechas and I happened to have one of the those. So, he's kinda related and he looks pretty impressive from the box art.

Check him out~

"I'd make you an offer you can't refuse."

Neat box art. I'm a box art-oriented guy. So if it looks good on the outside, I'd hit it. LOL

No, you didn't count wrong. It's really just 3 runners. But it took quite a while to paint Geroro, like 4 hours. Duh.

As with every Keroro Gunso kit, the inner body frame is pre-assembled. It's a nice idea but the nubs on the other hand is a ... you-know-what.

And it comes with a stand! How nice~ or else, we can never pose any Keroro figures with their gravity-loving heads.

Geroro has a highly articulated ball-jointed figure and even the wrist is flexible. He can look upwards as well. Pretty amazing for a 2.5" figurine.

"Take it, Jaden~"

Straw Hat Geroro in One Piece Crossover?

The stand comes pre-assembled as well, except you gotta plug the stand into the base. It's pretty versatile with a joint at both ends.

Here's his kimono. It's typical for ronins (wandering unemployed samurais) to wear tattered clothes. I mean they are unemployed after all.

Stereotyping by Bandai

Trench coat and straw hat combo = FAIL

For the paintwork,  I have painted the clothes, hats and the eyes. The scar on the face is washed on, the mouth is washed as well and topped off with the "grinding teeth" sticker. The skulls are a pita to paint though.

"Let's DO IT."

Geroro Ronin : "Plowing land. A cow's job, but I'm taking it."

Geroro : "Duel!!! No wait, where's my sword?"
(From background : "I'm still painting it~")

There was tiny flag-like thingy sticking out of each foot and I was like, "What the hell?" and snipped them off. Turned out that I was supposed to pull off the flag-like thingy and it will reveal a peg-hole that allows Geroro to be plug into the stand. Duh.

Upskirting. Peep-a-boo~
Geroro : "I'm a dude, DUDE."

So, now I'm left with Geroro weapons and hoped I can find time to finish them. So, cya~

To be continued > [background music fades]

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