Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Armored Core : Weathered Paint Effect on Core [Mirage AC01-GAEA]

Yo. It's me again. I'd be sharing some pictures of the Mirage AC01-GAEA core, C01-GAEA. And it is painted with the same weathered effect, of course.

And here it goes~

Ya, just in case, you want to know what paint I'm using. So, I painted fully in dry-brush, no airbrush, and the paint are Tamiya's Flat Black (base), Black Green, Flat Aluminum and Copper.

This is the back top-down view~ There are two holding slots at the back, for some kind of droids. I will show it later.

The exhaust pipes seemed to have a shade of green but that was just the lighting.

Nothing much to say here... lots of scratches and worn metals.

Okay, I admit I did a bad job painting the copper on the chest [right side]. That area was smeared, and I will repair it later... maybe only.

These are the droids that I was talking about earlier. I didn't play the game, so I got no idea what were they for. Some spying/surveillance droids, I guessed.

Here's a shot of one of the droids secured on the core. It was a pita to put it on the core. There's only one way to get it in and once you have done it, you wouldn't want to take it out again. It's that much of a pita.

Here's another picture on the droids. So, if you look at the right side of the empty"landing pad", there's a groove and you need to fit the droid into that position and push it down in a certain way. I only hope the paint is still intact after the brute-force shoving.

Close-up of the cute little droids. Actually, I think they can be piloted since the front looks awfully like a cockpit? Or maybe they are escape pods? If you got a clue, tell me, m'kay?

Nothing much to comment here~

Another rear shot, this time with the droids on-board.

Sneak peek head shot! The visor is so highly reflective that the glow looked almost LED-ish.

Solemn pose~ I hate to brag, but it does looked realistic, right?

Okay, that's all for now. Time to knock out~ k thk bye.

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