Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gundam HG : Astray Red Frame WIP Part 2

Okay, I messed it up. :(

The spray coat was way too thick, causing the parts not to fit nicely. So what I did was... clamping the parts together by using a spanner! It worked! The parts now fit smug and tight. But just as I expected,  some "battle damages" crimp marks are now permanent residents of the Red Frame...

You can see that the edges along the chest are slightly flattened. Slightly only. Since the milk was spilled, I decided to do some exposed metal effect along the edges. Might as well, this Red Frame will be now known as Battle Damaged Red Frame! Oh Yeah!

The dirty charred shoulder plates should further enhance the battle damaged look. So which one do you prefer? The clean and polished or the dirty and uncouth?


  1. It look more to rusty now...

  2. haha, I guess that adds another dimension to it.